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Legal Disclaimer

At Manna Ministries, we understand the significance of establishing clear Terms & Conditions. However, it is important to note that the information provided on this page is for general guidance purposes only. We strongly advise seeking legal counsel to tailor your Terms & Conditions to the unique requirements of your ministry or organization.

Understanding the Basics of Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions (T&C) play a crucial role in defining the legal parameters that govern interactions with our ministry's website. As the stewards of this platform, it is our responsibility to outline the terms that regulate the engagements of our visitors and members. It is essential to customize the T&C to align with the specific activities and offerings of our ministry.

Key Components of Our T&C

In crafting our T&C, we address a spectrum of important facets, including permissions for website usage, accepted payment methods, provisions for future modifications to our offerings, warranties provided to our members, intellectual property rights, account suspension or cancellation, and more. For detailed insights, refer to our comprehensive guide on 'Establishing a Terms and Conditions Policy'.

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