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Bishop Ken Sims (1956-2018) was an ordained and licensed minister of the gospel since 1978. Evangelist Patrick Sims was called to the ministry in 1980 and has been ordained and licensed since 1983.

Our primary focus is to fulfill the 'great commission’ of REACHING the lost for the cross and ensuring Jesus' bride is edified.

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Books available to aid in your spiritual maturity:


The Mystery of the Anointing 
author: Bishop Ken Sims  
All of our books are available through 25,000 locations including, Books-a-million, E-bay, and Barnes and Nobles

Especially for children:  Solomon, The Royal Little Mouse, by Bishop Ken Sims
Natural enemies become friends helping each other

Eyewitnessed: Believe What You Cannot SeeAuthor:  Patrick Sims

Eyewitnessed: Believe What You Cannot See #1 Amazon Best Seller 
True Story - Thirty years of continuous miracles following an environmental disaster

Other Websites for Patrick Sims
  1. The KaShanta Sims Foundation for breast cancer patients and homeless persons
  2. Juice Plus for healthy living, Natural Whole Foods in a capsule
  3. Vida Signature Collections clothing and accessories that were designed from art by Ken Sims

Kingdom Designs and Services, LLC offers artwork and more:
      1. Artwork:  Original paintings, prints, and drawings
Various mediums include acrylic, charcoal, and finger art

        Art Gallery subjects include Christian, Black, Native American, Oriental, Nature, Animals, Cartoon Characters and various others.

      2.  Stones of Glory are unique and glorious rock art of various sizes, shapes, and weights.

      3.  Clothing and accessories are designed from Ken Sims' art.  Available at Patrick Sims on-line shop, Vida Signature Collections

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P O Box 3605
Lawton, OK  73502
Telephone: (405)466-5405
Nevertheless, when He, the Spirit of truth has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He shall not speak of Himself, but whatever He shall hear, that shall He speak, and He will show you things to come.  JOHN 16:13