MANNA MINISTRIES - Bread from Heaven

Eyewitnessed: Believe What You Cannot See
#1 Best Seller on Amazon
True life story of an African American family coping with catastrophic illnesses as victims of the Camp Lejeune contaminated water cover up (Author: Patrick Sims)
Price: $19.99
The Mystery of the Anointing
An inspirational book on transformation by the Holy Spirit, Author: Bishop Kenneth Sims, 6"x9", 170 pages, blank pages for notes (52 chapters double as a Bible study guide or daily devotional)
Price: $19.99
Solomon, the Royal Little Mouse
A book for children. Natural enemies of the animal kingdom learn to be friends by helping each other through life threatening situations.
Author: Bishop Kenneth Sims (a cliff hanger) 8-1/2"x11-1/4"
Price: $9.99
Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude
Authors from around the world share encouraging and inspirational stories of gratitude to God, for people, animals, events, etc. in their lives.
Co-author: Patrick Sims with Donna Kozik (An Amazon Bestseller)
Price: $20.95