MANNA MINISTRIES - Bread from Heaven
                    Kamilia's love for Christian music began in her formative years when she joined the children's choir with her two sisters.  Her first poem was penned when she was nine years old.  Since 2002, she has written over 100 songs and is also the musician for the mother and daughter team, Pileha. 

She holds a bachelor's degree in multi-disciplinary studies and an associate's degree in broadcasting.  She was a producer, editor, and more for the MCC channel in Meridian, Mississippi and a deejay for the radio station.
Acting is her other great love.  She played major roles local theaters and received rave media reviews.  Her bio includes:

 *starring as a street urchin singer (Crystal) in Little Shop of Horrors for the Meridian Little Theater
 * in South Pacific at the Ivy Hall Theater
 * the Blue Fairy, in Pinocchio
 * Danielle, in The Quadrangle
 * Yachiyo, in The Ballot of Yachiyo
 * Eve, in A Leaving Behind

She was a Barbizon Model and is a champion black belt competitor in Tae Kwon Do Ji Kwan and has won numerous first place trophies.

Kamilia has an even greater passion for teaching her elementary students.

She is married to Michael Watson.  They have two beautiful children: a daughter and a son.