MANNA MINISTRIES - Bread from Heaven
Bishop Sims is a native of Meridian, Mississippi.  This highly motivational speaker accepted Jesus in 1976, which is also the year that he married his wife, Patrick.  They have four children and eleven grandchildren. 


  • Founder of Manna Ministries (Kingdom Designs & Services)

  • Author of The Mystery of the Anointing (an inspirational book, published in 2007)

  • Author of Solomon, the Royal Little Mouse (a book for children, published in 2010)

  • Licensed Pastor and Overseer of churches for the last 33 years

  • Hosted weekly television program, The Voice of the Spirit

  • Hosted weekly radio broadcast, The Voice of the Spirit on American Family Radio (AFR)
  • United States Marine 
  • United States Army
  • Southwest Oklahoma Prison Ministry
  • Artist
  • Dialysis Patient Representative
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counselor
  • Martial Arts Instructor
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Champion Athlete – Track & Field, Basketball, Football, Life Guard
  • Top Toyota Salesman
  • Certified Nurse Assistant
  • Motor Transport Operator


  • Spiritually Raw Radio Show - Ajay & April Matta 4/2611
  • The Voice of the Spirit broadcast on Fidelity Communications in 86 cities (Oklahoma)
  • The Voice of the Spirit radio broadcast on American Family Radio (AFR) (Oklahoma)
  • WTOK TV Channel 11 – Meridian, Mississippi
  • The Meridian Star - Mississippi
  • The Lawton Constitution - Oklahoma
  • Stars and Stripes – Augsburg, Germany

1977 – Church of God Bible Institute – Augsburg, Germany
1983 – Rogers Lane Minister’s School – Lawton, Oklahoma

             Other Facts:
Bishop Sims was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps as well as the United States Army.  He served as a Chaplain's Assistant, Section Chief, and was also qualified as an expert rifleman in both branches. 

He started evangelizing in front of clubs during his first tour in Europe in 1978. 

He is a certified Black Belt Instructor with The World Tae-Kwon-Do Federation in Seoul, Korea.  He is also certified with Chuck Norris Karate Systems in Tang Soo Do.  Ronnie Van Cleef was his Grand Master (known as the Black Dragon) in Chinese Go Ju.  In Japanese styles, he trained in Kung Fu and Ju Do.

van Damme has always been one of Bishop Sims' favorite martial artists - along with Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Jet Li.  This is epic.  We enjoy this clip immensely.